Dreamwielder by Garrett Calcaterra Review

I truly did not enjoy this novel. So much so, it came close to being DNF'd. The writing was juvenile, the MC was wholly unable to be related to, a plot that did not blend steam punk and fantasy well, and dialogue that was at times painful to read. The result is a novel that is miserable to read. I will be leaving this review relatively short because I do not want to have a rant filled, angry review. I will say that the description of the novel and cover are great, but that is the only things. I will not be continuing this series.

Those things being said, I have decided to include a reactionary list of my thoughts while I read this novel. Just be warned, it can (and will) include spoilers and may not be very nice. You have been warned.

  • No one's period is like peeing in your pants. That's. No. That is not how that works. Has the author even talked to a woman before? God that would be awful, a week of constantly peeing your pants. Also, who's period is heavy enough to start running down their legs the second they start.
  • This MC sounds 5
  • It literally just scalded your finger, but it is totally okay to make your dying grandpa drink immediately. No need for taste buds.
  • My God, is it a requirement in this novel for all parent's to be douches?
  • Well becoming young again is a plot twist
  • Did I miss reading this novel was steam punk somewhere in the description?
  • I guess turning young again cancels out that he is her grandpa
  • Seriously, this MC has the maturity range of a 5 year old, this is driving me batty!
  • This is not Game of Thrones. Third person narrative with alternating characters at random does not make this an easy read.
  • They have literally said multiple times Wulfram is not a seer, how would he be able to give the Emperor confidence in his plan? And how did it even get found out to begin with?
  • Disemboweled and then stoned to death? Talk about overkill there Mr. Emperor
  • Holy bat mobile, she literally just punched him. Why? Why is she such a twat?
  • Oh look, more sniveling.
  • Caile apparently is invincible. And has a neck fetish since he casually stabs everyone there, even when using a sword *side eye*
  • Woah, look at her getting hella good at magic out of no where for no really great reason.
  • Why is the throne passing to her and not her mom? This is not how succession works.
  • Oh cool. She's abdicating the throne to her 13 year old daughter because she is stronger than her. Totally makes sense to let a child rule.