Paladin by Sally Slater

Paladin is a refreshing take on a young adult high fantasy novel. In fact, I adored this novel! The plot, for the most part, was simple to follow. There were not many side stories or subplots happening, but it did not detract from my love of this novel. The story followed Sam, a girl who is out for revenge on behalf of her mother. All she wants to do is slaughter some demons, which I can totally get behind. To kill said demons, Sam enrolls to become a Paladin. The one caveat: you must be a male. So Sam pulls a Mulan and stages herself as a boy. Once accepted she is paired with her mentor, Tristan, who happens to be the man who saved her life from the demon attack that killed her mother and the most famous paladin. To finish out the trio is Braeden, the half-demon no one else wanted to mentor. This integral trio also happens to be the POV for the story. I truly hate switching POV typically, but this one was surprisingly well done with a very clear voice for each character.

Sam: She may be one of my favorite heroines of all time. Smart, snarky, and not a special snowflake! She is incredibly driven with a strong sense of self, but still comes across as a teenager. The author balanced her well and made her incredibly complex.

Tristan: For most of the novel, I thought he was just there to be a stereotype. However, by the end, his character had become complex. He was loyal to a fault and arrogant, but was loving and caring in his own way.

Braeden: I adore him. I love him. I want him. He is sexy and sensitive. Strong and vulnerable. A walking set of contradictions, yet oh so human. I enjoyed his character evolution, his angst, and discovering how to love.

Yes there was a love triangle. No is was not a normal one. It honestly felt like less of a triangle and more of a true romance with a sense of duty thrown on the side. For once, a MC actually was able to make up her mind and ended a relationship amicably. It was epic, just like the entire novel.

*I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review