Unhinged by A. G. Howard Review

Oh. My. God. This. This book. I can't even sort through all of my emotions right now. It was everything I wanted it to be in more. Wonderful, stupendous, lovely, intense. Ms. Howard did fantastic at avoiding the second book slump. It was enthralling, and left the reader wanting more. I want more. I think I may die in anticipation for the next book.


Unhinged takes place a year after the events in Splintered. Things have settled down to some extent. Alyssa, our lovely Queen, is still attempting to live a human life. Her and Jeb are together, even though they are doing the whole normal young couple in love thing. Alyssa (shockingly) has decided to go to prom. Afterwards, her and Jeb plan to get it on. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you root for), this does not happen. Chaos in the form of our favorite moth, Morpheus, descends informing Wonderland is in turmoil. Red is back and determined to claim her throne. Someone is also after Morpheus, but for very different reasons.

After some coercing, Alyssa begins to care about what happens. There is plenty of drama in this novel, including some major twists and surprises. Before the end, almost everyone has been proved a liar at some point, and quite a few betrayals happen. Alyssa embraces what it means to be a netherling in an attempt to save it everything: herself, Jeb, Morpheus, the mortal world, and Wonderland.



Oh our lovely, confused little Queen. She really comes into her own in this one. Of course there is guy drama, but she actually stops worrying about them to care about her land and people. She matures quite a bit, and I love her for it. She takes being a queen and netherling to a new level in this one. She embraces her "dark" side finally, which makes her seem more complete. Her at the end though! Oh my. I cannot wait to see what our crazy little fairy girl does next.


I will admit right out, I'm Team Morpheus all of the way. I love him, I lust for him, I want his children. He is a pivotal character in this book and is in majority of the novel (yay). I love that other sides are portrayed of him. His and Alyssa's relationship really blossoms into something beautiful during this novel. They have a deep bond from the shared childhood, plus the whole self sacrifice thing from the last book. Alyssa realizes that even though he manipulates, lies, and is generally a confusing person (fairy?), he is deep down a good guy.


What can I say? He's an ok guy, don't get me wrong. I just have never really loved him, so I guess I'm skewed. He's always just seemed like the best friend, and still does in this book. However, he and Alyssa do get some very romantic scenes. They're cute together, even a completely pro Morpheus girl will admit it. He just has some flaws, including getting enthralled with his work and forgetting everyone else. I loved his scene at the tree with Alyssa, but that's for the below spoiler filled area.

Spoiler Alert! Do not read further if you don't want spoilers from the book!

Oy vay at the love in this one. I'll give it to Alyssa, she split the time pining about Jeb and thinking about the world. Jeb is the most oblivious guy...ever. He literally could not understand what was wrong with ignoring her for his work. Or ignoring her to paint a sexy picture of an heiress (Ivory undercover). He is an idiot. Plain and simple. His heart is in the right place, but he just fails. Morpheus, on the other hand…

Anywho. That vision Ivory gave Alyssa! Her and Morpheus together with a child. That’s literally the best thing I have ever read. And the fact Morpheus is motivated now by having this future with her, making all of his decisions based on this fact, oh my. He loves her so much. Why she’s denying that for a life with an idiot, I will never know. I understand, she wants to live the life Alice never had. She wants to be mortal. But Morpheus is the most amazing netherling to exist, and he loves her. Flat out. No questions asked.  And when they kissed again.

It was adorable, it was hot, and it was much too short.  The fact she started to acknowlege she has other feelings for him, one being at a definitely hinted at feeling of love, I about died. And his jewels were flashing so many emotions! And he was vulnerable! And Jeb witnessed it! Wait, what? Yea Jeb saw them kiss. After he had just proposed to her.  That went over well.

Luckily, not much pining about it.  They had a world (and prom) to save after all.  I think it is nuts how hard core Alyssa’s mom is.  She’s intense and a bad ass hands down.  Makes sense why she was epic at playing crazy, woman was a genius and a true netherling.

That ending though! Good lord, so much action in such little space.  Her mom being kidnapped by Sister 2 and taken to Wonderland.  But most importantly, Red, Jeb, and Morpheus being sucked into a tree and spit out in AnyElsewhere, the looking glass world.

That took me by surprise.  And anger. Oh the anger.  Damn straight Morpheus better be found.  I will cut a bitch otherwise.

The last chapter was amazing.  Alyssa plays crazy so she can create a plan to get into Wonderland again. It is genius, manipulative, and pure netherling.  She has finally embraced the fact she is Queen.  She also refers to both Morpheus and Jeb as her “faithful and beloved knights.” I do pity her dad getting sucked back into Wonderland after her mom broke him out.</spoiler>

All in all, I am so pumped for the next novel.  I have fallen head over heels in love with this series and the characters.  It is one of my favorites without a doubt.  I’ll leave you guys with this gem of a quote so you can pine after Morpheus as well.

Can Ensnared be out already??

Before Reading

Ok I got the chapter 1 sample of Unhinged which is the sequel to Splintered. I absolutely loved the first book and have been dying to read the sequel. So I squealed when I saw that there was a sampler out there.

First of all, that cover! As apparent from my review of Splintered I'm a Morpheus girl through and through. I love him, I want him, I need him. So the fact he's on the cover literally made my entire life better.

This teaser was beautifully written, giving details as only A.G. Howard can. At the end, I felt as if I was the one getting sucked into the ground surrounded by carnivorous flowers. I am glad Morpheus is in this one, I always worry with sequels that my favorite person will be cut out. Luckily, since this is the first chapter and he is already in it, I feel as if he will have a strong presence in this book.  I love that we can see Alyssa's time in Wonderland changed her. For the better, in my opinion. Yes, her taste in art has turned even more morbid since giving us her dead bug mosaics. I feel as if the art may possibly be foreshadowing future events??

I loved this sampler and cannot wait to read the full version of Unhinged when it becomes available.

Review appears on Goodreads. Received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.