Splintered by A.G. Howard Review

Ok I loved this book. I seriously, whole heartedly loved it. Splintered is a modern take on Alice in Wonderland. That is, if the original was a darkly gothic but fantastic twisted tale that could scare youngsters. However, it would be inaccurate to call it a retelling. It truly takes Alice in Wonderland as a base, a setting, then masterfully carves it into a new tale that is so stupendous I'm beginning to run out of adjectives to describe how wonderful it is.

The story begins with your average girl, Alyssa, being a regular teenager. She has friends, loves to skateboard, and has boy woes. What is not regular is that she can her the voices of bugs and flowers. Also her mother has been in a mental institution since Alyssa was five years old. Her family is also descended from Alice Liddell, the original Alice.  Because of this, and the fact Alice really did go to Wonderland, Alyssa believes her family is cursed.  After searching for clues, Alyssa is informed by Morpheus, a stranger from her childhood, that she has to go to Wonderland to break the curse. When she goes down the rabbit hole with her best friend and long time crush, Jeb, is when the magic truly begins.

This story had a lot of twists, many of which I did not see coming. My favorite hobby is playing guess-the-plot-twist with novels and this is one of the few where I did not see exactly what was going to happen. I loved that the plot kept you on the edge of your seat.

The prose. My, what a beautiful writer. Her descriptions were spot on. You could really see any of the netherlings she described. I personally loved the attention to detail she gave, including information on both the landscapes all the way down to outfits. Not only that, but her word choice was superb. She avoided cliches for the most part as well as over used words, yet allowed all of the characters to sound realistic. Which brings me to my favorite section, characters.

Alyssa is a good-girl type for most of the novel.  She exhibits growth and understanding as the novel progresses. I like her well enough, but would prefer her to embrace her darker side a bit more. She should be balanced with both the good and bad. I thought the author did a good job conveying her flaws, but they seemed a tad bit glossed over.

Jeb, well he is the typical romantic lead in a novel, especially a YA one. To me, he was sort of boring. Sure, he was an artist and had a pierced lip but that's all the edge he had. Everything else was knight in shining armor, all American good guy. Except when he was a douche, which is what he was if you really think about it. If he had been in love with Alyssa for that long, why did it take him nearly leaving to go to another country or better yet, falling down a rabbit hole, to realize it? It bother me he was with such a cruel girl, one that had it out for Alyssa and refused to see what she did to her. He would always get angry with Alyssa for defending herself, but always try to rationalize the girl's attack on her.

Morpheus. Can I get some water because he is hot!

I want him. He is, by far, one of the sexiest characters I have ever read about. Of course he's not the main love interest. Why let a guy with true edge be it? He is a bad boy with a heart of gold. And oh my is he my type. Yes, he does some regrettable things throughout the novel. But I enjoy reading about a character with flaws. It makes them more believable. I'm really hoping throughout the other novels in the series Alyssa will see him for the amazing man (moth?) that he is and grow to understand him. He has loved her from day one and always encouraged her to grow yet still be true to herself. The same cannot be said about Jeb. And that kissing scene?! Pretty sure I had to fan myself to cool off. It was sexy and steamy, even if the premise behind it was a tad bit nefarious.

Then he goes and sacrifices himself for Alyssa. Jumps in front of her and is eaten in her stead. I was a hot mess about that to say the least. Seriously though, it's apparently a trend to kill off the character I have the hots for (J.K. Rowling I'm looking at you!) So I was majorly depressed. Then he lived! And Alyssa was like oh my you're alive! Yay Morpheus. That was totes awesome when you saved my life by literally sacrificing your own. Oh is that the doorbell! Jeb is here! I'll see you later Morpheus, but hopefully not. I'm gonna go shove my tongue down this guys throat, k bye! I'm only a tad bit bitter about the ending. Obviously.

I really enjoyed this novel and am looking forward to the sequel. It is a must read to me, and is going down as one of my favorite books.