Fable: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hahn Review

I can’t decide how I feel about this book. I am a hot mess, my emotions and moods bouncing back and forth worse than Mina’s.

In the beginning, I could not stop myself from rolling my eyes…repeatedly.  The horrid Brody Carmichael pining was back. I could not deal with her miserable, love sick self.  I mean come on you think your kid brother is dead and you swoon at a funeral.  Swoon!  All the while you are supposed best friend is dating him.  This goes back to what I said about the last book, Mina is literally the worst friend on the planet. The middle of the book was a bit slow, quite a lot of plot building.  But oh ho ho there was plenty of time for day dreaming about Brody.  This was the area that slowly sucked me in and had me invested in the story instead of wanting to punch her for the most part.  Oh all the drama though!

The ending.  I will save most of what I think about the ending for my profanity laced, spoiler filled rant. Right now, it can be summed up in one word.

No seriously. Normal, totally acceptable story then it hits the fan.

Overall, for a third book this one was pretty good.  Usually, the third novel in a series either is amazing or sucks royally.  This was one of the few in a no mans land middle ground.  The book begins with Mina on a roof, wallowing in self-pity about how rough of a life she has and how she has just ignored the story for an entire summer.  Yes, you read that correctly.  She. Ignored.  The.  Story.  You know, the one thing that is trying to kill her? Genius move, I know.  Anyway, she was thinking about how she wanted to be normal when a fire started.  She lives, but barely (as usual).  However, this fire causes quite a dramatic beginning and creates the new quest for Mina to embark on.  After a bit of drama, the introduction of the Stilksin family (you know, Rumplestilksin? Apparently it is a family name).  A bit more drama, then she crosses over into the Fae realm.  This leads to another new character, Nix.  Now I must say, I am pretty fond of this nixie.  I honestly thought for a bit he was going to be a new love interest and suddenly there would be a love square.  But alas, this was not to be.  Mina FINALLY acquires the skill of having a platonic male friend.  It’s a miracle!

Well more drama ensues in the Fae realm in the form of sea witches, trolls, and Sirens.  Oh and Teague.  He and his lovely self makes a dramatic appearance as per the norm.  Lots of fighting, lots of near deaths, and lots of life-saving-suck-kisses.  That leads us to the ending.  Simply put, it is supposed to be a plot twist though I guessed it early on (and hoped that it would not happen).  Mina lives (shocker) and makes it back to the human plane.  There the mother of all shock bombs is dropped on her and that is essentially how the story ends.

Now it is time for my spoiler, profanity laced rant.  You have been warned.

Jared.  My lovely, amazing, snarky Jared.  The love connection I have been hoping and rooting for the entire series finally happened.  Yay they kiss!  Yay he loves her! Yay she forgets Brody for 2.5 seconds!  I was so happy for that tiny little paragraph.  It was, in my opinion, the best area of the entire book.

Then Teague stabs Jared.  Fucking stabs him!

I have been angry at characters and authors before.  I have been sad, heart broken, and all manner of other emotions.  But never have I felt homicidal.  In that moment I wanted to strangle something.  The one damn thing I have been wanting happens then she essentially kills his character off.  But noooo, that would have lead to too much closure.  Instead his body merges with Teague’s like they are amoeba and suddenly Jared is no more.  Jared never existed, he was just another side of Teague’s personality.  I will say I did guess they were the same person during the last book.  But I had no clue they would suddenly join back together in some crazy magical light show.  I won’t lie, I threw my Kindle across the room.

Then I promptly went and retrieved it to make sure it was ok.  Anyway I thought that was all the shock.  No, I was wrong.  Not only does she immediately ask about Brody after the most amazing love proclamation ever, she goes and watches his water polo practice.  Now I understand this was to show Nix is perfectly ok and human now.  That was the one sparkle of light in the giant shit storm of crazy also called the last chapter.  She has to kill Teague to end the story.  I just…what?  Kill him.  I thought the story would end after she concluded all like 100 story quest task things.  But no, you have to off the person controlling the story for some reason.  Which, according to Mrs. Colbert, is the only way.  Its ok though, as long as you have hope and love him still.  Then he has a weakness so killing him will be super duper easy.

I will be reading the fourth book in this series.  If Jared is not resurrected or squashes down his Teague side or something, I will be royally pissed.

So to conclude, this book will make you go from annoyed to interested to amused to ecstatic to hating life in 200 pages.