Ethereal Fury: Gemini Rising by Jessica O'Gorek Review

Well, I have been procrastinating big time on finishing this review.  I enjoyed the book, shockingly more than I anticipated.  The main issue is I have not exactly been sure what to say.  My initial reaction to the book was just...

Pretty much the entire premise of the novel is Mother Nature is ticked we are destroying the world, so she is fighting back. The Christian church is on the front lines of the attack. So its almost like a basic good vs evil, except in this instance is the evil truly evil or is it correcting acts of evil?

Basically, the story begins with an oil tycoon and all of the wrong he does. Then he dies and comes back as a Gemini, which is an ethereal being made of a wispy, smoke like material. They also want to destroy humans. The Church refers to them as demons and exorcisms work on them, but I'm not positive if that is what they are technically.  Honestly, it is not a far stretch from a man that was bad in life to become an evil creature after death.

Then the story flips to the protagonist, Violette.  She is an extremely naive girl of 16 who is being raised in a Catholic orphanage after a fire claimed her parent's lives.  The nuns take care of the orphans (who are all females apparently) while the priests go about their daily lives.

Unfortunately, the daily lives of priests is demon hunting.  Enter Slate, a young man who is a priest in training (or just the protege of a priest) who gets sucked into this whole Supernatural-esque down with the demons thing. Which is pretty bad ass if I must say so myself.  The story then flips back to Onyx the Gemini and his whole must destroy the humans evilness.  That is, until he see Violette and starts creeping on her.

To avoid spoilers, let's just say a lot of chaos ensues including a love triangle between Slate/Onyx/Violette. There is also a douche bag of a bishop. Seriously, I hate him more than the Gemini who are created to be the evil ones of the story. Bishop does something to Violette but Slate puts an end to it.

The entire story concludes with the mother of all cliff hangers. Lucky for me, my copy had an excerpt of the beginning of the next novel so that helped make it not as rough for me.  Over-all it was an entertaining novel that I am eagerly awaiting the sequel to.

This next area is spoiler filled, be warned.

Ok, I feel very conflicted with the whole Slate/Onyx and Violette thing. Slate never seemed to have an interest in Violette before Onyx started possessing him. As for Onyx, is he not still a middle aged person in spirit form or did dying erase all of that and make him younger? It seems like with the disappearance of his memories also made his age regress but I am not positive. It just bothered me most of the time. As for everyone being team Slate or team Onyx, I'm pretty much team Violette. I want her to mature and age as a character before even beginning to think of either of them romantically. I feel as if her character can become lost easily within either of the guys.  Oh, everyone also exhibited major stalker vibes during the novel.

Anyway, I really hope the love triangle does not end up with a ton of angst and characters pining after one another. Otherwise, I am very hopeful for this series.